To define the material is to understand its substance.
Redefining it is to deliver it to beauty.

We redefine the emotion of creating.


There is a reason why in the era of globalized automation we continue to do everything by hand in Italy. For Favel, metallic materials and artisanal knowledge come first.

For 40 years we have used our most precious asset, time, to extract beauty and function from brass, copper, and steel in a design artifact.

Artisans, architects, designers, and contractors who collaborate with us speak the same language: one of respect for origins, marks, peculiarities that give meaning to the material.

They define it, to give us the opportunity to redefine it.

Only in this way do we create something closer to emotions than to objects.

We redefine the need to experiment.


Those who care about the material look beyond.
Beyond there is imagination, which can give new life to the material itself.

That is why for Favel, experimenting is an act of respect, towards the ideas that creative minds can grasp and translate into opportunities.

A human and artisanal way to create new projects and know how to innovate.

We redefine the attitude towards making.


Between producing and making, there is the same difference as between the standard module and the unique piece.

We have always liked to make.

The most hidden detail is born on our fingers, worked from the root.

That is why we do not offer serial products but editions. Exclusive as those who choose them.