There is a lamp/lighting system for every kind of furniture style or need.

Pure lines, stylish items and strong emotions have always been the distinguishing traits of Favel, a company known to excel in lighting design. Using technological innovation and century-old glass making techniques, Favel designs an elegant and creative style of light that never goes out of fashion. The illumination of interiors is crucially important in the creation of welcoming areas that are attractive to look at and pleasant to live in. illumination makes an enormous difference to the aesthetic impact. Favel’s broad range of decorative lamps and lights for interiors includes items in classic and modern styles. The models are designed to fit into different kinds of housing solutions. Interior lights usually have trendy fashionable shapes that are combined with the latest and most efficient technology (to achieve the highest energy savings).

In a house or a club, restaurant etc, light becomes part of the furniture. Just switching on an interior light can turn white walls into coloured walls, lighting them up and creating special scenographic effects. Lighting is also important in bathrooms because precision and good eyesight are required in many activities such as shaving and applying make-up. A bathroom is also a place to relax in and therefore must be valorised in the best way. Good general lighting is required, as well as specific lighting achieved with spotlights at different angles, set in different points of the roof and walls.

The illumination of exteriors achieves new light perspectives on the facades of houses, larger buildings, monuments and fountains. At night the appearance of cities changes. The illumination of exteriors is, without doubt, the most effective and creative way to create night atmospheres. The architecture of the facades of buildings can be really appreciated if illuminated properly. Spectacular and scenographic effects can be obtained. Shining a different light in the areas of the house with plants, especially on trees and hedges, focusing attention on the entrance of the house and dark corners, has never been easier. light can have a considerable visual impact and can be used to change the appearance of the garden or the facade of a building, adding charm to it. Garden lights can be used to achieve scenographic effects on the walls.Light can focus the attention of viewers on architectural structures and spaces, as well as creating patterns of light and dark.