The great attention to detail during every phase of the production process creates unique items.


The design phase is followed by the study and the production of the moulds, which must be able to transfer the style and the characteristics (even the most complex ones) of the project drawn on paper. Favel can make prototypes in real time. Designers can therefore immediately assess the characteristics of the finished product, which can be used for the finishing touches. In this way the production phase can start very soon.

Galvanic cleaning

In the production phase, in which the metals are moulded, the design and the metal alloys – each with a personality of its own – must be harmoniously blended. There is no other way to obtain the distinguishing features that make Favel products unique. The kind of Galvanic cleaning given depends on the kind of finishing and relies on a subtle and delicate alchemy, aimed at valorising the alloy and obtaining the final look. The process is carried out complying with the strictest rules for environmental protection.


Individual pieces are assembled by hand with the experience and care Favel is so well-known for. Nothing is left to chance. In this phase the lamps and chandeliers’ decorations, such as blown and decorated glass from the Veneto region, fabric or other materials which valorise the items, are added. The lamps and chandeliers become real pieces of furniture that proudly bear the world-famous label “Made in Italy”.

Storage and warehouses

The Favel warehouse is highly organised and used to store merchandise. It is also permanently stocked with materials (which guarantees customers receive their goods regularly and on time – Favel takes great pride in this).