The Contract formula is perfect for the people/companies working in the world of furniture and furnishing who need articles to suit all needs.

The contract formula is for architects, furnishers, designers, building companies and professionals operating in the sector of furniture and furnishing. Favel is able to work with these professionals to supply them with special items that cannot be found in ordinary suppliers’ catalogues.
Articles that satisfy specific furnishing needs can therefore be developed and made. These articles include customised articles from existing collections (with specific sizes, finishings, details) and completely new lamps or chandeliers –in this way the atmosphere of a larger project is valorised.

Favel’s Research & Development laboratory can, from a specific drawing or simply a sketch, make prototypes in real time. This means that even the smallest details can be defined and made perfect before starting production.
Small batches of products can be produced, thus meeting the needs of different categories.
This strategy allows customers to decide how to furnish and decorate their rooms and which combinations of items to use. They become the designers of a piece of furniture that – in the case of lamps and chandeliers – is the key to the atmosphere born from their creativity.