To valorise rooms and other areas and to create the desired atmosphere, the right kind of lighting is essential.

Favel is a leading company in the sector of decorative and technical lighting. Our three lines (Marina, Elegance and Traditions of Light) provide products for all kinds of lighting requirements and applications, such as lights for houses, shops, shopping centres, offices, work premises,lights for exteriors, gardens, blocks and streets. Lighting is an art. using light is one of the best ways to focus attention on rooms and areas. The value of lighting is not limited to communication – it is also the ability to arouse feelings in people.

Every room or area needs the right lamp and the right kind of illumination. Choosing a ceiling light instead of a wall light can make an enormous difference. Our task is not limited to simply selling a chandelier – we want to advise you on the kind of lights you need and on how you should illuminate your room/area.Light can be used to furnish by enhancing colours and making viewers look at specific areas in a specific order. Good illumination can highlight certain kinds of furniture so that special feelings are aroused in the heart of viewers – light has always had the power to stir emotions.

Favel produces a number of lines of lamps. Special attention is put on the handmade production of aged brass lamps (or with other kinds on antique-looking decorations). Their elegant, simple and sober style makes them suitable for interiors and exteriors.